My name is Ralph (Buz) Barnes and I am the founder and principal in Buzworks Solutions, LLC.  I am by trade an ASP.Net web application developer.  Yes that's different from a web designer.  I started with HTML and Hot Dog in 95'...wow I'm old.  Then became more interested in the dynamic data driven aspects of web development with ASP / MS Access and eventually ASP.Net / MS SQL Server.  We do however walk the fence between the proverbial pony tails and black socks.  I love setting up cleaner business logic and normalizing the data stores but I have found that if you add some pizazz to the design people are more apt to adopt it into their daily routines and identify it with a new age of reporting rather than just another black and white report.  I'm not talking about things flying across the screen or a damn video with audio on it starting automatically.  (I call those cubicle busters, suddenly there's music or someone speaking blaring from your speakers while you are supposedly working on that deadline....busted in the cubicle farm.) To liven the UI up a little we turn to Telerik RAD Controls in most of our applications.  It's a great Visual Studio add on with CSS based styles that span the control suite for an easy, application wide look and feel.

   Why this blog?  Glad you asked.  I'm building this blog to share solutions to common problems with others as I come across them in my daily development pursuits. I'll also include links to articles that I find useful or little time saver code snippets that I use often.  Alright I'd love to say that this effort is solely for the benefit of others and I'm just giving back to the community but the truth is I'm building a knowledge base as well.  I'm tired of saying to myself "I know that I've done this before.  What project was that and where is the archive?".  I could build myself a custom solution with code snippets in keyword searchable and indexed SQL Server,  blah, blah but I thought i would share what I find and maybe make a few industry contacts along the way.   While I'm no Scott Gu I have been doing this for a while and have acquired a fair amount of knowledge on the subject. 

   I still love the accessibility and flexibility of delivering data through a web interface.  Once I show a CEO that they can check sales or internal reporting data from their vacation home or a smart phone i can usually see the wheels turning calculating exactly the number of tee times that they can work into a week with this new technology. 

   What will this blog contain?  I'm afraid at first it will be alot of smaller items and quick solutions that I run into.  They won't all be senior level development but through natural contrition the most popular topics will bubble to the surface.  As I mentioned before we use Telerik third party controls so there will be some Telerik controls specific stuff as well as common issues with master pages or site mapping all the way to stored procedures in MS SQL.  We have been looking at MVC and Dynamic Data Entities as well so look for some of that during my learning curve.  I may be able to save you some time or at least explain it from a different point of view....

   What server technologies do you use for the most part?  Another excellent question.  We chose ASP.Net some time ago simply because most of our larger clients are Microsoft based.  There is nothing wrong with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP).  In fact sometimes it can be faster and have less overhead.  It's just easier to implement a Microsoft solution into a Microsoft enterprise with Microsoft specialists onsite. <-- SEO Optimizing with the word Microsoft.

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